How to Ensure that Content Generated Through ChatGPT Will Not Be Detected?

How to ensure ChatGPT content will not be detected

ChatGPT is undoubtedly a revolutionary AI tool that instantly got everyone’s attention. It’s the fastest platform to reach the million users mark. Do you know why ChatGPT has immediately become a buzzword in the digital world? It’s because of its extraordinary content-creation and problem-solving abilities.

Nowadays, students, marketers, professional writers, HR managers, and even researchers use ChatGPT for textual content creation. Writers are in love with this platform. Some use it for learning purposes, others for content ideas, and many to write their content.

How to ensure ChatGPT content will not be detected?

ChatGPT is an incredible AI-language model until you use it for ideas or learning purposes. However, you may want to use it to create content from scratch. In that case, you should be cautious because many AI plagiarism checker tools have been developed to immediately track AI plagiarism in the content and create trouble for you.

Here arises a question. Can someone create content from ChatGPT, but no tool can detect plagiarism? Absolutely. There are multiple tricks to make ChatGPT content 100% unique, and this article will talk about all of them.

Have a look at them!

Rephrase the Content with an Online Paraphrasing Tool

Any AI detector can easily detect AI content within a few moments with maximum precision. Thus, you must not publish or submit ChatGPT content as it is. Instead, you should rephrase the entire content using a sophisticated paraphrasing tool. Like ChatGPT and other language models, many online paraphrasing tools use artificial intelligence to understand and paraphrase the text. So, they spin the text without modifying its meaning.

However, when rephrasing text with an online tool, you must trust only some random paraphrases. Many tools claim to be efficient, but they offer no benefits to users.

They ruin the text’s beauty by randomly replacing a few words with their synonyms. And most of the time, they spoil the context. Always use an advanced and AI-powered paraphrase tool to recreate ChatGPT text.

Rewrite the Content Yourself

If you don’t want to rely on an online paraphraser, you have another great option: recreate the text yourself. It’s the safest bet for any writer. Most writers, students, and researchers use this trick. By generating content from ChatGPT and rewriting it yourself, you incorporate both human and artificial intelligence and get the most outstanding content.

When you paraphrase the content yourself, you remove all ChatGPT plagiarism instances. Even if an AI detector uses ChatGPT APIs, it won’t be able to detect ChatGPT plagiarism in your content. This trick can also help you polish the content and make it more relevant to your targeted audience.

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Check and Remove Plagiarism Instances

Do you believe AI content is always plagiarism-free? That’s not the case. Yes, most of the time, ChatGPT creates 100% unique text. Sometimes, it has a few instances of plagiarism, especially when your prompts are unclear. Those instances can create multiple issues for you. To avoid such hassles, you should always use an advanced plagiarism detector.

A reliable plagiarism checker deeply analyses the text and compares it with billions of web pages, books, research articles, reports, and other forms of content available online. Moreover, many plagiarism checkers have also started using AI technology to compare different texts. It helps them learn whether the given text is unique or rephrased. So, use an advanced plagiarism tool; it can help you ensure originality and save your reputation.

Use AI Plagiarism Checker

If you read this article, you are already aware of AI-checking tools. Many platforms are providing very efficient AI checkers. Most of those tools offer up to 70% efficiency, enough to detect AI content in the text. Suppose you generate text with ChatGPT and want to send it to anyone, especially your university or college. In that case, you should check the content with an AI plagiarism checker to know whether it can bypass AI checkers or not.

When you check the content with an AI checker, it highlights all the portions it thinks are written by an AI creator, whether ChatGPT or any other tool. Before publishing or submitting your text, you should rewrite all those portions and recheck the content with the same or other free AI checkers. This practice can help you quickly make your content original and plagiarism-free.

Modify the Content Language and Tone

Altering the language, tone, and style of ChatGPT content can also help you make your content unique and human-written. ChatGPT is an outstanding content creator, but only for those who can use it ideally. Unfortunately, many people generate text from this AI-language model and use it without modifications. There are better ways to use ChatGPT than ChatGPT, especially when writing content for search engines or academic purposes.

If you want no one to know that the content is generated by ChatGPT, you should modify its language and tone. And it’s not difficult at all. Just change a few sentences and replace jargon with commonly used words. You can add a few expression words or shorten the sentences to adjust the tone. It can eventually bring originality to the text.

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